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COINSTREAM is a guaranty of your income

We are aimed at getting the leading position in cryptocurrency investment market. Our traders effectively engage at the exchange markets all over the world. We guarantee the effective management of your investment portfolio. Join us!

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About us

Our company specializes in trading. We work in the tens of world’s exchanges: in Japan, China, UK, Russia and others. Our team consists of the traders with great expertise – everyday they carry out analysis of the market status and make the most profitable investments.

COINSTREAM is a result of many years of work, it is our brainchild. The project based on the multiple-factor analysis of the cryptocurrency market. We managed with the process automation and now we work much faster. That is why every our investor can earn profit almost instantly.

We created our own investment strategies and tested them. Only after that we got legal registration for COINSTREAM and presented our project to the whole world. We have all the documents confirming our full legitimacy.

This platform is not an ordinary investment project. COINSTREAM gathers likeminded people for knowledge exchange. We provide our clients with favorable plans and bonus programs. We are looking for not so much investors as partners.

You need only to make several clicks to enter our team. Especially for you we created user-friendly personal account that supports the best payment systems. With us any novice market player will not only become richer, but also get experience. And sophisticated investor will find here a team of likeminded professionals.

Each investor can be supported in problems and questions of any complexity in 24/7 mode. We analyze your questions and update the FAQ section. You will see the whole information about current payments – our work is absolutely transparent.

Our mission is to develop the cryptocurrency market in Russia. Cryptocurrency will remain the leading exchange trend till we work together. In order to speed up this process we attract investors from all over the world. The cryptocurrency market development is directly related to the number of investors. It means that together we can get more opportunities and become richer!

Our advantages

Our advantages

Steady income

The computer-based analytical system recognizes every fluctuations in cryptocurrency and makes successful predictions for the nearest future.

Experienced team

38 specialists invest and manage your deposits, increasing their amount every minute.

Registered company

Our company has legal registration in UK. The Certificate of official registration can be found on our website.

Our own investment strategies

Our expertise helps us to develop a number of investment programs that have already been used for several years.

Support service

We answer to the requests of every client. Our support service works in the 24/7 mode. The FAQ section is constantly updated.


We started our trading activity in 2010. It took us 8 years to form the team, accumulate experience and develop our own investment strategies. Our hard work resulted in development of computer-based analytical platform that constantly collects information from the world exchanges and makes predictions.

This allows us to speed up investments and increase the return. We want to develop into the full-fledged trading platform, create the team of likeminded people. With this purpose we created the website and registered our company in UK.

Company address:
16 Upper Woburn Place, London, United Kingdom,